Louise Gaskill Company is a collection of original chandelier and lamp designs. Inspired by amazing glass, Louise incorporates the vibrant colors of beautiful mid-century glass in each of her pieces. Paired with beautiful vintage components and her hand applied gilt finishes, the effect is unique and mesmerizing.

“I cannot say enough good things about Louise,” says prominent Chicago interior designer Julia Buckingham. “We have the same design aesthetic, which I describe as vintage antique with a modern vibe. She’s highly creative with her vision and yet she makes it seem so simple, so effortless.”

Julia Buckingham, Founder and owner of Buckingham Interiors + Design

Having the option to install a truly one-of-kind chandelier from Louise Gaskill, allows us as a design team to help create very personal and individual spaces for our clients.

Nathan Taylor, Co-Founder, Principle Designer at Obelisk Home